Our products and services

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to suit your needs, supported by efficient quality management.


  • Digital electronics: processor and FPGA
  • Analog electronics and power supply
  • Wireless technology and radio frequency
  • Product testing and certifications

Industrialization / DFX and prototypes

  • Support during the earliest stage of the product's life-cycle via VALOR, and a dedicated project structure
  • Product/process design tandem optimization and choice of a suitable testing strategy (ICT via the LabVIEW environment) to meet your Time to Market and Time to Volume objectives


  • Product Cost Management via Buy Manager
  • Quick and competitive replies to RFQs
  • Optimal management of the price-quality-deadline mix
  • Safeguarding, personalized supplies

Assembly / Manufacturing

  • Process expertise  (IPC A610 class 3-compliant)
  • All types of package fitted : 01005,  55mm BGA,  QFN, LGA
  • Extra-long 620 mm PCBs
  • In-line vacuum nitrogen-inert reflow soldering (for void elimination)
  • SnPb, RoHS and selective wave soldering
  • Repair station for SMD components
  • Process optimization methodology (AMDEC, 8D)

Testing and monitoring

  • Screen-printing inspection and SMD fitting  : SPI, AOI 3D, X-RAY
  • Test strategy implementation: hardware and software development for ICT and FCT tests
  • LabVIEW


  • Selective coating via a Nordson automated in-line system
  • Thickness and UV presence monitoring

Assembly/Final tests

  • Dedicated assembly lines (from a few µW to several KW)
  • Specific tests according to needs: dielectric, isolation…

Customer Service

  • Supply chain management (SAV) upstream and Delivery on Time downstream
  • Traceability at all stages of the supply chain
  • Maintenance base